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The Natural Ritualist Incredible Milk 12 Effects Leave-In Hair Care Milk 75 ml


Country/Region of Manufacture:     Turkey

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Product features:

It is produced with a special formula for extremely damaged hair.

Developed with milk proteins and other fat additives thanks to the powerful components in its content, keratin milk brings together 12 effects in a single product.

Keratin milk, which can be used for all hair types, provides repair and care to the hair.

It prevents frizz and frizz by controlling curly hair.

It protects the hair against the formation of new fractures by regulating the broken appearance of the hair ends.

It protects the hair against the damages of heat styling.

It ensures that the created hairstyles are permanent for a long time.

It instantly opens the hair tangles and prevents them from getting tangled.

It adds an unusual shine to the hair, creating a lively and healthy appearance.

It creates fuller and voluminous looking hair.

It helps to straighten and blow dry the hair much easier.

It provides color protection in dyed hair and prevents fading.

Thanks to its UV protection shield, it protects the hair against the harmful rays of the sun.

It softens the hair and makes it look smooth.

It is suitable for daily use.

Application: Shake well before use. Apply to the lengths and ends of damp or dry hair. Do not rinse.


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