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ZuluTrade Review A Platform Known to Offer a Wide Range of Features

This isn’t any issue with ZuluTrade at which you are able to entrust your preferred traders to execute a plan that perfectly matches your hazard profile. You might even toss in together with your very own manual trades in any given moment. As a trader, irrespective of one’s experience degrees, you get a wonderful deal to profit from choosing ZuluTrade.

  • It aims to connect traders all across the globe and become the world’s largest social trading community.
  • ZuluTrade is one of the best social wealth management platforms in the industry.
  • The vision of ZuluTrade is to become the world’s biggest social trading community worldwide that offers its clients customer-focused investment solutions for the best trading experience.
  • Individual traders who want to copy professional traders and advanced users on a purpose-made platform.
  • This includes the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash all of which you can engage in auto trading at Zulutrade.

I am not into this whole idea of copying other people’s trades thing much. I am more of a lone wolf in the markets, I like to do everything myself. I am not giving up just yet, but I tried this platform a bit, and it seems like a good alternative to have in the back of my mind. I can also traded on my own here, and the broker is good in that sense. It’s been not too long since I started copy trading with this company so I don’t have any substantial results yet. However, I can say that all the services are thought through to be maximum convenient for the clients.

ZuluTrade Review – The Platform

This platform’s wide range of functions and trading tools gives users the chance to have a more streamlined and enjoyable experience. Since I was genuinely amazed, I felt compelled to write this review to inform prospective investors about what the platform is capable of providing. Among the most innovative features offered to traders with ZuluTrade is the fact they can now completely automate the trading process.

It’s perfect in many of scenarios that will assist you with forexcurrency. ZuluTrade operate an entirely free service for anyone that want to copy trading signs by their own platform. They have a interrelation with a lot more than 50 big forex brokers worldwide. This lets them incorporate the deal of backup trading within various broker surgeries. If you’re within the trading business, you may possibly have known about ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade is a social/copy trading platform that’s developed a fantastic trader after.

Unfortunately, Zulutrade’s forex copy trading platform is unavailable to investors in the USA. Those in the USA will need to find alternative auto trading strategies and platforms. I discovered the software offered by this company accidentally. I just traded with a broker that also offered copy trading services and for that you required to connect to ZuluTrade’s software. After examining the company’s official website I realized that why not to try.

This is one of the top features that I believe helps this platform to become the top pick for investors. What the platform offers is secure, well-respected, and above all, effective in delivery excellent results to users. This trust is exemplified by the vast number of highly respected brokers who have chosen to partner with Zulutrade. We have reviewed other similar copy trading platforms such as MyDigiTrade. These have also provided an excellent opportunity for millions of traders, though, presently in terms of trust, ZuluTrade sets the gold standard.

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On the other hand, customer support has been exceptional – responsive and knowledgeable. Zulutrade offers a range of social trading features to be available from their proprietary platform, which are all available on the ZuluTrade+ mobile app as well. ZuluTrade is ultimately one of the best and most popular platforms for copy trading in the industry.

Contact the Customer Support Team at Any Time

But please make sure that their trading system is feasible and suitable for you before following them. They will also provide a brief description about their trading strategy which is quite helpful. Zulutrade has a wide range of supported brokers to choose from and you must have a trading account with any of these brokers for copy trading on the platform. Then you can easily sign into Zulutrade with your trading account. If you don’t have an account yet, then you can directly go to the Zulutrade website and open an account with any of the supported brokers as per your preference. Zulutrade does not charge any fee for copying the trades of top traders and the only cost you will have to bear would be the spreads and commission charged by your broker.

ZuluTrade Product Offering

With ZuluTrade’s Classic accounts, you can perform both manual and copy trading. But to begin trading, you must first connect your Broker trading platform (ZTP, MT4 or MT5) to your ZuluTrade account. A classic account gives complete access to updating your trading signals, closing trades, locking a trader or trades, and using advanced features. I find ZuluTrade to be one of the most advanced and feature-rich social trading platforms that can be fully customised according to your individual requirements. The ZuluTrade platform contains many useful features including Automator, ZuluGuard, crypto trading and auto trading. However, I think eToro would be a better option in my opinion simply because they have a larger user base along with some other innovative features.

All these also have provided a superb chance for an incredible number of traders, though, currently concerning trust, ZuluTrade sets the golden standard. Zulu trade often get mixed reviews because it is a home for many different traders zulutrade review that you can follow. As a trader we must use the data that zulutrade provides and analyse to find the best trader to follow. The data provided is good but I would like to see an improvement in the zulu trade algo that ranks the traders.

You should always check this before choosing what broker to partner with, as these fees can often add up without you knowing. Generally speaking, the ZuluTrade platform ranks highly on usability. Once you have progressed through the various verification processes, you will be able to manage all of the various aspects of your trading and investment accounts from one centralised hub.

You can copy more than one trader but the investment levels and risk profile should beconsidered. When you decide to automatically start investing, you no longer have to make complicated decisions about whether to purchase certain securities. However, you do have to decide which investors you trust handling your money. On ZuluTrade, you can see at a glance how an investor’s return has developed.

We recommend ZuluTrade for investors interested in joining one of the world’s largest and best-performing social trading networks. The platform is user-friendly and clients can copy trade in a variety of popular financial markets. The comprehensive copy trading platform’s wide variety of tools and features immediately caught my attention.

With Zulutrade, you can follow the forex trading strategies of successful traders and benefit from their expertise. ZuluTrade, the first Copy Trading platform in the world, was established in 2007 in Virginia. Today it is one of the most innovative copy trading tools in the world. Zulu Trade was taken over by the Finvasia Group in 2021.It now has offices in Greece, Cyprus, Japan, Dubai, London, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia and India. From the beginning, ZuluTrade has aimed to become the world’s largest social trading community.

Also keep in mind the risk exposure of each and every strategy you analyze. They have their own traders on the top ranks to manipulate the investors and eventually the account gets blown up which leads to a huge loss. Now that I think of it, he might be a trader, or leader here and that’s why he was persistent. What I appreciate most is how the platform is a mix of clients from different brokers.

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